About Apian Software

There are case studies available, giving you detailed information about how Apian products have been used to successfully gather data to help make more effective decisions.

Apian Software was founded in 1986 to produce software tools for streamlining common management tasks like employee evaluation, customer surveys and purchasing decisions.

Apianís core program, SurveyPro, is a start-to-finish surveying program that includes questionnaire design, data collection, reporting, and data import/export for multimedia surveys. SurveyPro includes options for designing and conducting electronic surveys, such as Web, kiosk, LAN, and telephone, as well as paper and scannable forms.

DecisionPad, Apianís first product, has been newly rebuilt with the latest technology. This powerful tool helps organizations get decisions made, using an intuitive worksheet to evaluate alternatives and weight criteria. DecisionPad also assists with meeting facilitation and documentation of the reasons behind the final choice.