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More Information on the DecisionPad 4 Demo

This is a (nearly) fully functioning 30-day trial version of DecisionPad 4. This demo version showcases all the main functions of DecisionPad 4 in a limited capacity. You will be able to go through the entire process of:

  • Creating a decision matrix
  • Adding Alternatives & Criteria
  • Adding 3rd dimension for multiple Evaluators (new in version 4)
  • Rating, Weighting and Organizing Criteria
  • Doing What-If and Sensitivity analysis
  • Generating professional Reports and Decision Documentation.
  • Accepting Evaluator input via Web Ballots (new in version 4, see sample ballots link below)
  • Importing or Exporting Matrix Data as csv files (new in version 4, not enabled in demo)

Try the sample ballots to see how people can now enter their ratings and weights over the web

To use this demo most efficiently, you should take a look at the support documents:

If you have any questions about how to do something in the demo, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department at 206-295-8391 or

There are some limitations to the demo which do not exist in the full software once you purchase:

  • Will work only for 30-days
  • Will allow up to 3 alternatives
  • Will allow up to 9 criteria
  • Will allow up to 3 evaluators
  • Will show a “watermark” behind printed reports and matrices
  • Will not support file import, export or uploading to the balloting server (click to see sample ballots)

Thanks for checking out DecisionPad, and we look forward to hearing from you! Our Sales department can be reached at, and we're always happy to answer any questions.