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SurveyHost full-service custom hosting converts your survey questions into a web survey, managing the whole process for you. These examples of different SurveyHost surveys show available features such as custom branding, multiple languages, skips/branching and interactive scales. For a quote on your survey project, please contact

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Branding/Design - Customer Feedback Survey

SurveyHost employs an accomplished, professional web design team. We can incorporate your identity, match your existing website, or design to whatever idea you have in mind.

This survey demonstrates an example of branding to match a Hotel's image and identity. Also featured in this survey is "Dynamic Question Creation" that will show only questions that correspond to prior respondent answers.

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Enhanced Scales - Custom Survey Widgets

Custom Survey Widgets make your survey easier to use and provide interactivity to engage respondents. SurveyHost Custom Widgets include sliders, instantly revealed questions, point allotment, and column totals.

If youíve seen some type of special feature elsewhere on the web that you want in your SurveyHost project, just ask for it! Our Development team will put together a proposal for you.

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360° Employee Survey

360° Surveys are one of the most valuable tools in the HR toolbox. SurveyHost customers use 360° surveys to measure and evaluate employee performance, get employee feedback, and help determine strategy.

The portal page tracks who each respondent is supposed to evaluate and which surveys are completed. SurveyHost technology allows for multiple employees, management levels, relationships, languages, and more!

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Multi-Language Survey

When youíre deploying a survey to an international or multilingual pool of respondents you need a multilingual survey. SurveyHost is very experienced in programming surveys in multiple languages and delivers surveys in any language compatible with a web browser.

This survey demonstrates the same survey in 5 languages. Certain double-byte languages like Traditional Chinese or Japanese create unique challenges that we are experienced with handling.

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Points & Scoring Survey

Points and Scoring are perfect when you want to give your respondent instant feedback and tailored information. This example uses responses to calculate scores and analysis based on the scores. This type of survey can also be used for a test that needs to be graded instantly. It includes a printable page summarizing all the respondentís answers.

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Student Course/Instructor Review Survey

Schools and universities have a logistical challenge in getting student feedback on their courses. The SurveyHost custom portal organizes the surveys each student needs to take, ensuring correct course numbers and complete feedback. It provides an easy, well-organized way to garner feedback and incorporates seamlessly into your existing review process.

This portal setup can be used in any situation where respondents have multiple surveys or sections to complete.