The SurveyHost Process

The short version:

SurveyHost Process

The details:

Below is an overview of the SurveyHost process from start to finish, along with our tasks during each phase. If you'd like an overview, it's here, but it's not required reading for a SurveyHost project - we'll walk you through it as we go.

I Quoting Your Project

Client: Tell us everything you know about your project, via phone or email. If you have a draft of your survey, attach it in an email to We prefer either SurveyPro or Word doc formats, but some others like Excel spreadsheets will also work. Pass along anything you've already decided about specifications.

Apian: We will look over your materials and ask more questions. We'll email you a quote. We may also make suggestions about how your survey project might be designed to go more smoothly for you and the respondents, or suggest different pricing scenarios for different sets of features.

II The Order Confirmation

The Order Confirmation is a contract which specifies the exact details of your survey project. It will include dates for testing and launching your survey, pricing details, and some notes about our policies. It is important that this document accurately reflects what you want, because it will be our guide as we build your survey.

  1. Tell us your decisions about feature options and design choices, or approve the quote as-is.
  2. Email the latest draft of your survey if it has changed.
  3. Let us know when you'd like to have your survey launch and how long you'd like it to be online.
  4. If there is any custom development work being done, provide specifics or examples of how you'd like your survey to function.

Apian: We organize your specifications into the Order Confirmation. We email it to you along with the Hosting Agreement - a general contract covering the terms of our working relationship.

III Sign and Fax Back Paperwork

Client: Return the forms by the "Paperwork Due By" date on the order confirmation. Once the contracts are signed, your space on our development calendar is reserved and we can begin work.

Apian: Once we receive your contracts, we will send you some questions about the design of your survey, making sure we know your preferences for logo, branding, etc. You will also receive an invoice for the project due net 30.

IV Send Final Survey Content and Files

In addition to the survey file, there may also be password files, data files for piping, lists of email addresses for invitations, employee/relationship spreadsheets for 360s, etc.

Client: Send all files by the "Paperwork Due By" date on the order confirmation. ***Please note: once you tell us that we have the final draft of your survey, we will begin work. It is important for keeping your costs down that this file be the final draft. Everyone in your organization whose input will be considered in the content of the survey should see the survey text before you send it to us. Changes to survey content after we've begun work can result in additional charges or delays in your schedule.

Apian: We will now start work on your project. Depending on the survey, this could take a couple days or several weeks, but the timing will all be spelled out in your order confirmation so you'll know what to expect.

V Testing

After our internal testing process, we will email you information on how to access your survey for testing and approval.

Client: Test the survey thoroughly, including making sure you can download and import data for analysis. We will send you a form which includes a list of things to review. If you have changes, send one compiled list from all testers. When you're ready for your survey to go live, fax back the signed form and we will launch your project.

Apian: Make any changes requested to the survey. If they're things we missed or small text changes, they are included in your original project pricing. If they're changes to the survey content or specifications that require more extensive work, we will provide you with a quote and wait for your approval before proceeding. Overall, we will work with you to make sure the survey is exactly what you want, and something you're happy to present to your respondents.

VI Live Survey

This period can extend from a few days to many years, depending on the survey.

Client: Invite people to take your survey (unless we're doing the email invitations). Download data when you want it from your control panel. Let us know immediately about any issues or problems with the survey.

Apian: Make sure the servers are happy and your survey is running smoothly.

VII Confirm Takedown

When it is time for your survey to close, we will contact you via email to confirm you still want the original schedule. We will not close your survey unless we receive written confirmation that you want it to close.

Client: After close, download your final survey data within 30 days.

Apian: It's been great working with you! We will archive your project and keep it on file for at least 1 year, in case you would like to relaunch the same survey again next year.

For more information on a SurveyHost project, please contact