Accomodate People's 7 Item Limit

Nested criteria image

Scientists have learned that the human brain can handle about 7 items at one time. It's how we are wired. More items causes us to lose track. Since a complex decision usually has a dozen or more criteria and/or alternatives, this human limitation really complicates meetings because each person is trying to cope with overload in their own way, while trying to communicate with other overloaded people.

It is essential to divide-and-conquer the problem in an orderly shared way.

DecisionPad has a flexible outline structure to group and nest criteria; it is easy to keep every group at or under the "7 item attention span" limit. Thus when the meeting is setting criteria weights you do it together for a handful of logically related items. When you are done with one group the matrix keeps the result while you move on to the next grouping, so nothing is lost, minimizing rehashing.