DecisionPad: collaborate, decide, document

How the DecisionPad Process Works:

Build the DecisionPad matrix

  • Identify the alternatives, your choices or options
  • Define the criteria or goals and how to measure them: words, ranking, numbers, dates
  • Invite stakeholders to contribute their own weights and ratings

Use DecisionPad's analytical tools to

DecisionPad screens
  • Note areas of agreement, but donít spend much time on them
  • Find controversial areas that do not affect the outcome, and donít waste time on them
  • Gain clarity on stakeholder views by seeing them in one consistent framework
  • Focus attention on the few areas needing research or resolution
  • See when you have enough information for the decision, and make it

Use the reports to

  • get approval from management
  • gain buy-in for implementation

Straightforward, logical, intuitive, explainable, convergent

To learn how to jump specific decision-making hurdles like endless meetings, analysis-paralysis, poor choices for the wrong reasons, stakeholder conflicts or wasted time see Benefits and Features. You can Download the Demo to try DecisionPad for free, or contact Sales with any questions or to order: