Why Choose DecisionPad?

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?

Some packages force you to explore rabbit-warrens of trees to find individual sub-criteria for individual alternatives. DecisionPad’s intuitive matrix worksheet allows you to see all relevant information in one place. This design, while innately easier to learn and understand is also much better suited to handling the decision process on a computer screen. Hierarchical decision structures are still used in DecisionPad in a areas where they are most effective.

Aren’t a Statistician? Need to Explain Results to Non-Statisticians?

No Black Box and No White Coats

While you need to know DecisionPad is properly handling the technical details of things like non-monotonic utility functions, the people in the boardroom probably don’t want to hear a lot of confusing jargon. DecisionPad worksheets and reports are clear and precise, communicating the relevant information, sensitivities, and results accessibly to a wide range of decision-makers.

The behind-the-scenes calculations are carefully designed and exhaustively tested by experts and easily validated. DecisionPad has no black boxes and requires no white coats to operate or explain it. Simple enough to be accessible to all, yet with powerful features for the most complex decisions.

Prefer to be Guided through your Decision?

DecisionPad features a JumpStart tool that takes you through designing a decision in an easy, step-by-step manner. There’s no need to read the manual or hunt around for the right option to get started. Just pick or create your own criteria, add alternatives, follow or ignore our suggestions, and DecisionPad will lay out your first decision worksheet for you!

Require Real-Time Responsive Ranking?

Not every tool will show you exactly where you stand each step of the way. Whether you have all the information filled into your worksheet or only a little of it, DecisionPad will instantly calculate the effects of every change. You’ll be able to see a range of possible rankings when there’s a lot of uncertainty in your decision, or the final ranking when you’ve been able to fill in more of the details. With each addition of extra information or tweak of the weights, you’ll know if it changed the rankings and how.

Need a Wide Range of Options Without Becoming a Programmer?

A large selection of scale options (ways of evaluating a criterion, such as excellent to poor) are easy to set up and customize. Weights (telling the worksheet that price is more important to you than color) can be set in a variety of intuitive ways. You’re not locked into a pair-wise comparison method if that’s not what makes the most sense to you – although it’s included if you want it!

Want to Try a Professional Tool without a Major Commitment?

Some organizations require days of training to understand their product, time-consuming informational seminars, or lengthy and expensive contracts. Our philosophy is that a decision-support tool should save you time. DecisionPad offers sophisticated features and increases organizational effectiveness at a low one-time price. Also, there’s no confusing mix of packages, add-ons, optional features, etc. One easy-to-understand product gets you everything you need to rank alternatives, play “what if”, juggle hundreds of criteria, and more.


DecisionPad matrix, ranked scores, weight sensitivity screens

DecisionPad is easy to explain, analytically powerful, and gives you the flexibility to collect and analyze data in the ways that work for you.

To learn how to deal with specific decision-making challenges like endless meetings, analysis-paralysis, poor choices for the wrong reasons, stakeholder conflicts or wasted time see Benefits and Features.

You can Download the Demo to try DecisionPad for free, or contact Sales with any questions or to order: sales@apian.com.