New Features in SurveyPro 5

This page outlines new features added since version 4 ( Version 3 to 4 additions here ).
Full details on everything SurveyPro 5 can do, and pricing information, are available in the links to the right.

Improved Scanning Process: smoother interface with our partner's OMR software plus some tweaks to the barcodes simplify scanning setup and data import (6/22/12 build)

New User Guides: Tutorial Guide consolidates material previously split among several documents and adds new material. Scanning Guide takes you step-by-step through the
SurveyPro-Remark-SurveyPro process. (6/22/12 build)

XML Questionnaire Import/Export: powerful new XML tools enable wider editing of questionnaires, distribution of questionnaire content, easy translation, and streamlined questionnaire import. These features help:

Printable Summary Answers Page: provide a web page that shows the respondentís answers to their survey for review. This gives them a chance to double-check before submitting. Or, it allows respondents to easily print their answers to paper or PDF, or save them as an HTML file.

Capture Response Time: every web questionnaire now logs the amount of time it takes the respondent to complete the entire survey. If youíre allowing students/trainees one hour to complete a test, for example, this captures the required information.

Emails to Random Subset of Pool: the Respondent EMailer now can select a random sample of the entire list to send your survey to.

SMTP authentication for the Respondent EMailer: more server login options for Respondent EMailer make more servers available.

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