How Many Licenses Do I Need?


SurveyPro licenses are based on the number of people designing surveys and generating reports. Each license (even single-user) allows for an unlimited number of:

Single-User Licenses: there are two ways to configure the license. You can either:

  1. Assign the license to an individual person, and they can use it at work, at home, and on their laptop, as long as no other individual has access to the software, or
  2. Install the software on one PC or application server, and the software will limit use to one person at a time. This use of the license is limited to one physical location. Even if people in two different cities share an application server, two separate single-user licenses would need to be purchased because the users are in different locations.

Workgroup Licenses: purchase as many licenses as you need simultaneous users of the software for designing surveys and generating reports. NOTE: workgroup pricing is deeply discounted for use in one physical location. If your workgroup exists in different buildings or cities, then purchase separate licenses or workgroups for the number of users at each physical location — even if they share an application server. (If you'd like special pricing for multi-location workgroup licenses, contact

Hosting Surveys on Your Server

Our application to host online surveys on your own in-house web server is licensed for one web server.

Remark OMR

A Remark license is tied to a specific hardware system when installed. You can move it to another system by re-registering it.

This information is a partial explanation of the full software license agreement provided with the software, and does not replace or supercede that agreement. Any points of clarification should be referred to the full license agreement.