Scanning Paper Surveys

Are you looking for information on Paper Surveys, or SurveyProScan scanning services?

How Scanning with SurveyPro Works

Scanning flow - Create and Print Questionnaire using SurveyPro, distribute and process through scanner and OMR software or instead use SurveyProScan service, analyze results and create reports in SurveyPro.

We partner with and resell the Remark Office OMR software for use with SurveyPro. We have verified that it works well with our software and are happy to provide support on the combined data collection process if you purchase Remark through us. Other scanning packages will work as well, as long as they can create a .csv file for importing data back into SurveyPro.

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For more information about conducting surveys with SurveyPro, please check out the Features page. There are sample surveys and reports above, as well as links to the other media available (on the right-side menu). If you have a question about a particular feature – SurveyPro probably does whatever you're looking for – just ask our Sales department at

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