SurveyPro Training Classes

TBD, 2010 Seattle, WA

We are delighted to offer training in SurveyPro Wednesday through Friday noon. This two and a half day training class gives you the opportunity to learn more of what this powerful product can do for you. The class will cover questionnaire design through analysis. It focuses on the general aspects of questionnaire design and reporting for all methods of distributing your survey.

The Friday half-day is specifically targeted information on web surveys. If your organization only does paper or kiosk surveys, this day can be skipped with a reduced price.

Many of our customers find that they are getting their surveys done with what they already know, but a training class can add depth to your knowledge of SurveyPro's best practices. Our trainer, Ann Ray, has 15 years experience with SurveyPro. Courses are suitable for beginning and advanced users of SurveyPro.

The classes are held in Seattle. Come join us – Seattle is a great place to visit! Reserve your space now - class size is limited. To register, contact our Sales Team at

SurveyPro 5 Public Workshop

Payment will guarantee your space in the class. Payment is nonrefundable, although if you cancel with more than 30 days notice the payment may be applied to a later training class. to reserve your spot.